Friday, 20 April 2012

Finally I'm back again :) Nothing much to say. Might be I'm not use to blog already. Hmmm just want to says that I moved on with the old fuck shit and found a new romance that really took my breathe away :) A <3

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I miss CCBS!

I miss CCBS!

It's long time that i never active my blog.
Ipoh is so dead. Recently i seldom hang out with my peeps and stuffs.
Separated separated and separated.
Maybe the situation change them or they change the situation? I don't know.
I miss our gathering. we used to hang out together always for the whole day? whole week?
Sigh. gone.
But I love them still :))))

Aaron Kong is the worst one. London is the best in his mind. :S
some more one of my gf is gone? no actually she's not. Just something that's cute(She Said, we don't think so) could gain her most attention. so yea the cute thing already replaced us in her mind. Sad case.

but i hope everything will be fine:))